Llanelli and District Snooker League 19-20


KO Report for Singles

Knockout Deadline
All Knockout games to be played by Sunday March 22nd
Still best of 3
Peter Shoulder(Llanesco) 0 W Keith Murrells(Gorseinon Wmc A)
Kieran Proctor(Trimsaran A) 2 0 Chris Waters(Snookerworld A)
Justin Thomas(Matchroom Reds) W 0 Geraint Thomas(Pontardulais Cons)
Alan Jones(Snookerworld B) 0 W Gavin Lewis(Morfa Social)
Andrew Hatto(Morfa Social) W 0 Thomas Williams(Matchroom Blacks)
Keith Moore(Pontardulais Cons) W 0 Keith Moore(Llanelli Cons A)
Jordon Dubesky(Pontardulais Wmc A) 0 W Peter Howatson(Llandybie Social A)
Nathan Brain(Matchroom Blacks) W 0 Anthony Pritchard(Llanesco)
Gavin Quinnell(Llanelli Cons A) 2 1 Dan Bowen(Morfa Social)
Dean Bowen(Llanelli Cons A) 0 W Garnet Lane(Burry Port Legion)
Stuart Goddard(Llanelli Cons A) W 0 Leighton Jones(B.P.R.R Blues)
Chris Marston(Pontardulais Wmc A) W 0 Leighton Davies(Matchroom Whites)
Mark Evans(Llanesco) 0 W Rob Hughes(Morfa Social)
Dale Evans(Bryn And Trallwm A) W 0 Adam Griffiths(Pontardulais Wmc A)
Paul JJ Davies(Snookerworld B) 0 W Ashley Edwards(Matchroom Whites)
Mark Foreman(Trimsaran A) W 0 Steve Evans(Pontardulais Wmc A)
Nicky Hughes(Morfa Social) 0 W Dai Turner(Morfa Social)
Mark Hughes(Llandybie Rfc) 0 W Tyler Rees(Matchroom Whites)
Richard Rees(Llanesco) 0 W Alan Owen(Snookerworld B)
Lindon Cox(Snookerworld B) 0 W Emyr Bowen(Pontyberem WMC)
James White(Burry Port Legion) W 0 Dai Roberts(Matchroom Whites)
Hefyn Jones(Llanelli Cons A) 0 W Dai Keenan(Matchroom Whites)
Cliff Wilcox(Bye) 0 W Craig Rees(Pontyberem WMC)
Keri Davies(Pontardulais Wmc A) 0 W Rhys Morgans(Matchroom Whites)
Kieren Evans(Pontyberem WMC) 2 0 Shaun Caton(Llanesco)
Josh Townsend(Bryn And Trallwm A) 2 0 Andrew Morgan(Llanesco)
Adrian Dix(New Lodge B)     Bye
Brian Rees(Llanelli Cons A)     Bye
Chris Davies(Matchroom Whites)     Bye
Barry Follows(Morfa Social)     Bye
Greg Davies(Morfa Social)     Bye
Jamie Gimblett(Snookerworld A)     Bye
Lee Burder(Bye)     Bye
Sam Hinton(Snookerworld A)     Bye
Karl Goble(Pontyberem WMC)     Bye
James Ellis(B.P.R.R Blues)     Bye
Tom Twigg(Matchroom Whites)     Bye
Dean Thomas(Burry Port Legion)     Bye
Adrian Gower(B.P.R.R Blues)     Bye
Cory Rees(Llanesco)     Bye
Ross Gwilim(Llandybie Rfc)     Bye
Rob Davies(Burry Port Legion)     Bye
Lewis Lloyd(Trimsaran A)     Bye
Leighton Cole(New Lodge B)     Bye
Dean Marston(Pontardulais Wmc A)     Bye
David Gabe(Pontardulais Cons)     Bye
Jonny Ball(Pontardulais Wmc A)     Bye
Howard Wood(Llandybie Social B)     Bye
Richard Evans(Burry Port Legion)     Bye
Callum Jackson(Snookerworld A)     Bye
Dean Shoulder(Matchroom Blacks)     Bye
Andrew Whitfield(Snookerworld A)     Bye
Scott Ashford(Morfa Social)     Bye
Bernard Price(Llanesco)     Bye
Lee Holland(Trimsaran A)     Bye
Anthony Krysa(Snookerworld A)     Bye
John Pellew(Matchroom Reds)     Bye
Paul Rees(Pontyberem WMC)     Bye
Dylan Jones(Llandybie Rfc)     Bye
Timothy Walters(Llandybie Social A)     Bye
Liam McGee(Llandybie Rfc)     Bye
Mike Dance(Snookerworld A)     Bye
Neil Davies(Matchroom Whites)     Bye
Steve Davies(Pontardulais Wmc A)     Bye
Liam McGee(Llandybie Rfc) W 0 Justin Thomas(Matchroom Reds)
Lee Holland(Trimsaran A) 0 W Rhys Morgans(Matchroom Whites)
Dean Marston(Pontardulais Wmc A) 0 W Mark Foreman(Trimsaran A)
Gavin Quinnell(Llanelli Cons A) W 0 Timothy Walters(Llandybie Social A)
Dylan Jones(Llandybie Rfc) W 0 Keith Murrells(Gorseinon Wmc A)
Barry Follows(Morfa Social) 0 W Rob Davies(Burry Port Legion)
Karl Goble(Pontyberem WMC) 0 2 Gavin Lewis(Morfa Social)
Bernard Price(Llanesco) 0 W Callum Jackson(Snookerworld A)
Ashley Edwards(Matchroom Whites) 2 1 James White(Burry Port Legion)
Adrian Dix(New Lodge B) 0 W Andrew Whitfield(Snookerworld A)
Tyler Rees(Matchroom Whites) W 0 Garnet Lane(Burry Port Legion)
Chris Marston(Pontardulais Wmc A) 0 W Jamie Gimblett(Snookerworld A)
Dale Evans(Bryn And Trallwm A) 0 W Anthony Krysa(Snookerworld A)
Scott Ashford(Morfa Social) W 0 Kieran Proctor(Trimsaran A)
Emyr Bowen(Pontyberem WMC) 0 W Rob Hughes(Morfa Social)
Stuart Goddard(Llanelli Cons A) W 0 Dean Thomas(Burry Port Legion)
David Gabe(Pontardulais Cons) 0 W Dean Shoulder(Matchroom Blacks)
Howard Wood(Llandybie Social B) 0 W Chris Davies(Matchroom Whites)
Richard Evans(Burry Port Legion) 0 W Andrew Hatto(Morfa Social)
Ross Gwilim(Llandybie Rfc) 1 2 Sam Hinton(Snookerworld A)
Alan Owen(Snookerworld B) 0 W John Pellew(Matchroom Reds)
Jonny Ball(Pontardulais Wmc A) 0 W Neil Davies(Matchroom Whites)
Josh Townsend(Bryn And Trallwm A) 2 0 Cory Rees(Llanesco)
Dai Turner(Morfa Social) 0 W James Ellis(B.P.R.R Blues)
Craig Rees(Pontyberem WMC) 0 W Kieren Evans(Pontyberem WMC)
Lewis Lloyd(Trimsaran A) W 0 Nathan Brain(Matchroom Blacks)
Brian Rees(Llanelli Cons A) 0 2 Lee Burder(Bye)
Adrian Gower(B.P.R.R Blues) 0 W Steve Davies(Pontardulais Wmc A)
Tom Twigg(Matchroom Whites) 0 W Mike Dance(Snookerworld A)
Keith Moore(Pontardulais Cons) W 0 Paul Rees(Pontyberem WMC)
Leighton Cole(New Lodge B) 0 2 Dai Keenan(Matchroom Whites)
Greg Davies(Morfa Social) 0 W Peter Howatson(Llandybie Social A)
Dean Shoulder(Matchroom Blacks) W 0 Peter Howatson(Llandybie Social A)
Gavin Quinnell(Llanelli Cons A) 2 1 Chris Davies(Matchroom Whites)
Scott Ashford(Morfa Social) 2 0 Rob Davies(Burry Port Legion)
Mark Foreman(Trimsaran A) 1 2 Jamie Gimblett(Snookerworld A)
Andrew Hatto(Morfa Social) W 0 Josh Townsend(Bryn And Trallwm A)
Andrew Whitfield(Snookerworld A) 1 2 Tyler Rees(Matchroom Whites)
Lewis Lloyd(Trimsaran A) 2 0 Dai Keenan(Matchroom Whites)
Gavin Lewis(Morfa Social) W 0 Kieren Evans(Pontyberem WMC)
Dylan Jones(Llandybie Rfc) 0 2 Neil Davies(Matchroom Whites)
Steve Davies(Pontardulais Wmc A) W 0 Callum Jackson(Snookerworld A)
Liam McGee(Llandybie Rfc) 1 2 Mike Dance(Snookerworld A)
Rob Hughes(Morfa Social) 1 2 Stuart Goddard(Llanelli Cons A)
Anthony Krysa(Snookerworld A) 2 0 Ashley Edwards(Matchroom Whites)
John Pellew(Matchroom Reds) 2 1 Rhys Morgans(Matchroom Whites)
Lee Burder(Bye) 0 W Sam Hinton(Snookerworld A)
Keith Moore(Pontardulais Cons) 1 2 James Ellis(B.P.R.R Blues)
Stuart Goddard(Llanelli Cons A)     Lewis Lloyd(Trimsaran A)
Dean Shoulder(Matchroom Blacks)     Steve Davies(Pontardulais Wmc A)
Gavin Lewis(Morfa Social)     Neil Davies(Matchroom Whites)
Sam Hinton(Snookerworld A)     Scott Ashford(Morfa Social)
James Ellis(B.P.R.R Blues)     Jamie Gimblett(Snookerworld A)
Andrew Hatto(Morfa Social)     Tyler Rees(Matchroom Whites)
Anthony Krysa(Snookerworld A) 2 0 Gavin Quinnell(Llanelli Cons A)
John Pellew(Matchroom Reds)     Mike Dance(Snookerworld A)
¼ finals

Semi finals



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